Mauritian Londoner – Pilot Documentary Film

Mauritian Londoner gives us a glimpse of the pros and cons of living in London as a student and expatriate. It illustrates some of the problems many students face because of the lack of finance, and because their colleges/universities are not really providing adequate education. In the end, many students stop going to classes and have to do petty jobs in order to support themselves. Very often, the result is that UK immigration authorities find them and they are deported back to Mauritius. Many Mauritians already living in the UK sometimes use their friends/families, who have just arrived, to their own advantages. The sense of patriotism and the desire to help fellow islanders is something not all Mauritians share when they are in the UK. During the shooting, we were told by different contributors than many Mauritian girls studying in London, were gradually falling into prostitution, as they had no other means for supporting themselves. Many Mauritians who are deported find it hard to re-integrate Mauritian society because they feel embarrassed and unaccomplished.The issue is alarming, but because we are a small country, our issues are seldom heard. Even in Mauritius, it’s only now that the press is raising some concern in the situation, while this has been happening for decades. This problem does not only affect Mauritians in London, but also those in other parts of England, Scotland, Ireland and even other European countries. This is only a pilot documentary that shows possibilities to investigate this socio-political problem in more depth.We would like to take this to the next stage and create a proper documentary film that will grab the attention of the government, media, institutions, NGOs and other watchdogs, both in the UK and in Mauritius. We think this also has the potential to be an international documentary because the situation that many Mauritians face is the same as what students from other underdeveloped and developing countries face.Please e-mail Shaan if you want to share any thoughts privately or if you would like to contribute or collaborate on this documentary project.This entry is also published at:ThisIsMauritius

84 Responses to “Mauritian Londoner – Pilot Documentary Film”

  1. 1 Hans December 9, 2006 at 11:57 am

    wooo, thanks for opening me eyes about this. Great initiative in having such projection to make all Mauritians aware of the dangers that await them outside.

  2. 2 Stéphane Lee December 11, 2006 at 1:25 am

    Thanks for the pilot. The subject has to be developed into a full documentary. It will eye opening for many people indeed.

  3. 3 Christina Meetoo December 11, 2006 at 4:04 pm

    An interesting pilot! Often, we are not fully aware of the ‘bezer ki ramasser la-bas’, as says one of the guys…

    Probably, some idea to expand the doc might be to interview the people who were deported back to Mauritius + also the girls who are having similar problems in London… (cos we see no girls in this pilot 😉

    I remember watching a doc on one of the satellite channels on the screening at Heathrow. It actually showed the ‘interrogation sessions’ and people who were ultimately deported.

    The doc which was also shot about the Chagos (need to check who made it) also showed how the Chagossians had to stay in the airport for days before getting a visa despite UK’s commitments. Some went back. A few stayed and had a very difficult time. One lady became a cleaner in the airport…


  4. 4 ved cheekhooree December 13, 2006 at 7:51 am

    It is a good piece of work as it gives a clear idea of how life is abroad and proves those who think life is easy totally wrong. This pilot documentary was made in such a way that you can really feel the emotion and grief expressed by the people being interviewed.

    The bad thing about the pilot documentary was that that there were no female interviews. If you had included at least one female interview, it would have being fantastic, but never mind as it can be added later. You should also make it a bit longer by probably including some more scenes and pictures.

    Apart from those small negative points the documentary was really nice as it gives me and other young a taste of how life is in UK


  5. 5 Martin, Norway December 14, 2006 at 12:51 pm


    First of all congratulations on making the pilot – I know how much work it is, as we are just finishing our first documentary.

    I’m not gonna touch the subject matter, but some general ideas/inputs/distractions:

    The start is a bit slow – especially for a pilot – it should really grab the audience; in the case of a pilot that would be professional film buyers, and they do not have the patience to wait for a point to be made. Go bang! bang! this is what this film is about.

    For the graphics: if you plan on publishing the film in an english country, I would suggest of finding a more elegant solution with subtitles and name graphics – right now one becomes a bit overloaded with visual information: I want to see the guy talking, at the same time I have to read the subtitles, and then I also want to read who the guy is.

    Give some more breathing space.

    I’m not sure how wise it is to publish the film on You Tube, if you want to sell the film at a later point. I understand that you are eager to get input, but maybe you should only make small segments publicly available.
    If you have no commercial interest, then I can also bow in honour.

  6. 6 changingpictures December 15, 2006 at 2:50 pm

    Thank you all for your comments.

    As we will be developing this pilot into a ‘proper’ documentary, all the points that have been raised will be considered carefully and we will definitely have the ladies voicing out their concerns as well.

    This pilot was rushed and it was not easy convincing girls to participate in it, as they did not know where it would be shown. But now I think they will feel more confident once they see the pilot.

    The issues that have been presented in this pilot are just the tip of the iceberg. The real reason behind people migrating or studying overseas is not just influenced by an individual’s choice or preference, but various social, cultural, economical and political issues that exist in both Mauritius and other countries, also influence one to make such decisions.

  7. 7 Eddy Young December 23, 2006 at 2:42 pm

    Very interesting. It would be great if a series on Mauritians living in the UK could be made.

    Christina: I have met with many of the Chagossians who have come to the UK, as I am a good friend of Olivier Bancoult. To be fair, there are two groups: one that follows Bancoult and one that does not. The people who were stranded at Gatwick Airport came to England on the advice of an “agent” at at time when the arrangements for their arrival had not yet been finalised between Bancoult and the authorities. Unfortunately, they were misled.

    Fortunately, Olivier stepped in and lobbied for them to be given accommodation. For some time, they were lodged in a hotel in Crawley near Gatwick Airport. Now, many have moved elsewhere. At one time, one of the girls stayed with my wife and me. She moved to Manchester, and we never heard of her again.

    Regarding the interviewing process at the airport, my wife’s cousin was detained overnight because the interview process overran, and no interpreter was available in the late hours. We waited at Heathrow until midnight and had to drive back there the next day. While in immigration custody, he was given food and a blanket. The next day, when an interpreter was available, the process was fast, and my wife’s cousin was given leave to visit the UK.

    To be fair, the system has limitations. To exercise greater controls over their borders, the immigration authorities have to compromise. Unfortunately, all foreigners (not just Mauritians) are on the wrong side. But then again, the current situation has arisen because of the increase in visa frauds, especially from Mauritian people.

  8. 8 Diablo January 17, 2007 at 3:45 am

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  9. 9 preity January 19, 2007 at 10:59 am

    i would like to congratulate the whole team “un grand bravo”,the film is simply what i have been experiencing here,actually i arrived here on september 2006,and whatever was said in the pilot video is exactly what i experienced here.Had i watched the video b4 coming here i think this would have helped me a lot,but anyways,am the uk does teach u things where ‘to senti ki ene seul coute tone grandi’and mo croire sa l’experience la pou aide moi beaucoup quand mo retourne dan mo paradise,parcequi moi mo still croire mtius is a paradise island apres tou c qui ena ici.
    bye et bon continuation

  10. 10 Zuleyma Tini February 1, 2007 at 11:22 am

    I am surprised how depressive life could be some people who wants to achieve in life. I know it is difficult. I have never Mauritian in England as I heard there are many of them out there. I wish I could meet with them and discuss and make friends. I want to meet Mauritian girls and boys and be part of their team and their sufferings.

    Guys keep it up, do not lose hope. There is always a Light at the End of the Tunnel. Please contact and let us meet.


  11. 11 AmarB February 19, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    I came across The Mauritian Londoner Pilot on YouTube. I must say that is very well made and does reflect the true situation of Mauritian Students in London. Speaking from experience, all that was said in the documentary is true, except that the people interviewed project a very skewed view of what life is in UK.
    Sure, the people interviewed talked about the bad things, but nothing was said about what you can achieve.
    I have done the lot, worked night and day, studied, renewed my visa and all. And nowadays I work for one of the most prestigious companies in the world..and i did not have to marry an english girl for the privilige!!
    Hard work pays, but it seems that The Mauritian Londoner protrays the people interviewed as victims.

  12. 12 vivian February 22, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    hi everybody,
    I would like to share my opinion with you all! I was really impressed by the pilot film which reflect the true life in U.K, but I would like to add that in U.K where hard life starts for most mauricians, like AmarB says, hardworks do pay, here you do not need to be ministers family or work for politicians as agents to be able to secure a well-paid job or get your family a good job,here they do give you job on meritocracy provided you work hard.And if one door is close, another door is open for you, thats how most mauritians managed to get settled here.You do not get anything free or without great struggle, this is real life!! Away from the shelter of family, the shadow of protective mum or dad,its time to face the bitter part of real life like a grown up adult.So those who are more ambitious, they need to realise that if they want to get paid in pound instead of mauritian rupees,then they have to work like those in this country.And everyone who got settled here had to go through this hard times to understand the lifestyle here.So good luck guys and may you be successful at the end!

  13. 13 Vik March 14, 2007 at 1:06 pm


    I am very happy to see a good piece of work done by a Mauritian. So Congratulations for the effort. I believe everything in that video are real life stories but also believe that it might be one sided. I agree though Mauritians in london are different from the ones back home and they’ve got to be because they are now living in here and learning the culture from here. I would like to make a request to all those mauritians living here in London. Please if you come across one from home say at least a hello to them. If you find one looking for help, try to be helpful, I do not mean in monetary terms but at least by giving them some proper advice and good direction. Else I believe evrybody has to bear their own cross and make it till the end. Life is difficult but remember fortune favours the brave !!
    Good luck to my Mauritian friends struggling here and finding means to make ends meet. Regards to all. Vik

  14. 14 Marie April 21, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    Yes the video is good, although maybe try showing a family guy, I dont pity people like this, why leave a good life to struggle here.

    I am sorry but most use student status as a way to remain here, this is a disgrace.

    We mauritians here most came through the right channels, we work hard and pay full taxes, our kids are being let down by schools, as schools can no-longer cope, dont forget you pay the full tax, and get shit services, you pay everything 100%, they get discount and pay less taxes than you, this is not normal. They are allowed to work 20 hrs, yet what are they doing, working more than 20hrs a week cash in hand, which in turn decreases our values in term of job status, why pay someone £20 p/h who is fully qualified, when u can pay these people £5p/h cash in hand.

  15. 15 sing October 17, 2008 at 7:43 am

    I believe in it.. I have actually experienced even more difficulties here in australia.. I knew no one when i came here.. And those who promised to help didnt even turn up to help me.. But i have one message for everyone… Believe in yourself because nothing is impossible…..

  16. 16 khevinash December 16, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    am agree with that because even i still ve experience thus the best things thats i can said (to be a foreigner is the worst bad thing in life). its still early think well before making a step abroad

  17. 17 Michel March 28, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Most interesting to hear of the different experiences some of you have gone through. In life there are many choices to be made. For different reasons people go overseas as you have mentioned in your documentary. However, please do not degrade yourselves in a foreign country (countries) it does not help any immigrant especially the Mauritian. How will you be able to apply for positions or seek help of a delegate matter if the reputation of the Mauritian society is frown upon. Yes, in any country including Australia there are hardship. For starters, we have a different colour of skin, different customs and we do not sound the same as the English, Australians etc. Just some of these differences makes a barrier already. To earn respect and acceptance, one has to work hard as a dog. Both learning and working hard. However, all Mauritians should try not to use each other. Often, for the established Mauritians, they find themselves being used by the non-established Mauritians (whilst the need is required for their benefit). After which, once the help provided such as housing the student or family to help out or non-family once they have made it, they forget the establilshed Mauritian family what they did for them. It is true they no longer know them nor have respect for them. What a shame for our nation. It seems the newer immigrants who have just come from Mauritius after staying in London, Australia etc they them think of themselves knowing more than the estabished Mauritians who actually work, live in London, Australia etc. What pride, what odacity. For survival newer Mauritians to the country use the established Mauritian to their advantage and then spit them out as if they never existed. We should be a nation that shows better qualities than that. Rrom Michel in Australia.

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  28. 29 Paul November 25, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Presents only a partial picture – there are many mauritians who come to the UK on academic merit (scholarships) or backed by family fortune. They attend proper universities and even secure good jobs. And they have to face other problems of alienation, high living costs, getting on the property ladder, duty towards parents back home, etc. This film is too focus on visa, fake school, etc. Title should reflect this.

  29. 30 salamaths February 1, 2014 at 9:24 pm

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